Can you guess the pattern?

So you think you can crack a simple pattern? Good luck taking this quiz, then! 10 different leveled patterns for you to figure out! I hope you like it!

Please rate and comment at the end of the quiz and tell me what score you got! I'd appreciate to know what you thought! (: Thank you for taking this.

Created by: biased_biatch

  1. ♦♥♪♠♣♥♪♠♣♪♠♣♠:
  2. "¢ "¢"¢ "¢"¢"¢ "¢"¢"¢"¢ "¢"¢"¢"¢"¢ "¢"¢"¢"¢ "¢"¢"¢:
  3. ~"¢"¢~"¢"¢~"¢"¢~"¢"¢~:
  4. ♦~♦~
  5. QRST
  6. A e I o
  7. People pick pretty, precious
  8. Shoes. Socks. Pants. Caprees. Shorts. Belts. Bracelets.
  9. ponml
  10. Watermelon. Cantaloupe. Cherries. Pineapple. :

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Quiz topic: Can I guess the pattern?