Can you do Ballpit Magic

Ballpit Magic is where you can do spells that are all about dipping. People who do it have pets that are either a penguin, a pig, or a duck. Waddle. 22

Do YOU do ballpit magic? Do you have the power to make the plastic balls float up into the air? Until now you could only wonder. Waddle waddle 22. 22.

Created by: Boo

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  1. What spell makes someone do a flip?
  2. What spell makes people jump into ballpits?
  3. What spell makes you flop on the ground and roll like a pig?
  4. What spell turns a spatula into a dipping 8-year-old girl?
  5. What spell turns yourself into a penguin?
  6. What spell turns a penguin into a suitcase?
  7. What spell turns anything into an ice cube with a penguin frozen inside?
  8. What spell gives your pet penguin pebbles?
  9. What spell feeds penguins?
  10. What spell gives pigs pots?
  11. What spell magically feeds pigs?
  12. What spell cleans pigs?
  13. What spell turns you into a pig?

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