The Duck Song quiz

A duck song isn't a song about ducks, it's a song about lemonade. Lemonade is the best drink ever and I love it. And, it involves a silly duck asking.

This is about the Duck Song by Bryant Oden. If you don't know the duck song, look it up. Waddle waddle. Lemonade is what we love. Ducks prefer grapes.

Created by: Boo

  1. What did the duck walk up to?
  2. What was the man doing when he met the duck?
  3. What did the duck ask for at the lemonade stand?
  4. What did the man say when the duck asked for grapes? "No, we just sell ----------
  5. The man said the lemonade was cold, fresh, and what?
  6. What did the duck say when the man asked if he could give the duck a glass of lemonade?
  7. The duck --------- away?
  8. When did the duck come back?
  9. When the duck asks for grapes again, he said that he said it when?
  10. What did the duck say when the man asked to give it a try?
  11. Did the man ask to give the lemonade a go?
  12. The duck said "waddle waddle" after the man asked "Will you give it a go?"
  13. The man said he would do what to the duck?
  14. The man said the duck shouldn't get too what?
  15. What did the duck say after the man talked about glue?
  16. The day after the day that the man warned the duck about getting close to the lemonade stand, the man bought what for the duck?

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