Can you beat ME?

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Ok so I'm a glitch! And you have to see if you can out-glitch me! Select answers to see if you can beat me! Beware, I'm super fast and hard to beat! 🍭

My name is Vanellope Von Schweetz, I live in a game called Sugar Rush amongst candy. If you post in the comments I'll give you a piece of candy at the end!

Created by: The Glitch

  1. Ok so first I'm climbing this candy cane tree! It's real high. See if you can beat me to the top. Beware, I'm fast! Watch out for the double strength branches! They'll disappear on you!
  2. *glitches* Ha! Now I'm running through candy cane forest!
  3. *runs without glitching* How fast can you run?
  4. Now there are giant pieces of sugared candy on the ground like rocks! Which one am I hiding behind? You get 3 chances to find me! Beware, I might glitch and reappear behind another one!
  5. Keep looking!
  6. One more time!
  7. Now I'm running to my secret hideout! Do you know where it is?
  8. Now I've got my kart from my hideout! And I'm driving to the race course! Beat me to it! How fast can you run?
  9. Now we're at the race course starting line! Choose your kart! (My kart is made of many different candy, because the kart-making machine broke)
  10. How are you at race driving?
  11. I glitched!

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