Can You Be Mr. Right?!

Have you ever worried that your not the kind of man who would settle down, ever? or are unsure that you're what she wants? Alot of guys THINK they're relationship material and arent......alot of guys have been unable to find that one woman, and wonder if they ARE relationship material.....

Ever think maybe you're not the greatest boyfriend? Well, with this quiz, find out wether you're "Mr. Right" or "Mr. Right NOW"'s fun, requires thinking like a woman, and will let you know what kind of man you are.....

Created by: amazon

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  1. Your Love's upset, and keeps telling you nothing is wrong. She's hiding well, but you know
  2. it's friday(payday!)'ve both paid all of your own bills, but realize she's a little short for that trip you guys planned with the guys(and girls!). her sleeping bag is torn, and you only have a single, she doesnt have warm pj's, and is really too ti
  3. your girl lives in a 1 bedroom apartment, and you're renting a 3 bedroom apartment...she tells you her family is staying a weekend on their way home from vacation, and she's stressing the room(theres 4 people and a baby)
  4. it's that perfect night, where you know "it's" going to happen.....but, you forgot "something"
  5. your girl's been pulling doubles and long hours all week, along with her classes...her house is dirty, she hasnt done her laundry, and G_D only knows the last time her pup had a full bowl of asked her to go out friday, but she's listing these t
  6. you're staying at her house, and know it's cluttered with your stuff...she makes small remarks, nothing read her messages and think/or do this:
  7. your place is trashed cos the guys(ALL of them), were over and left with out picking up(they're guys, duh).....she calls and askes if you want help, and you
  8. you both have friends who are getting married(to each other)...the guys are having an ok time, and the girls did their thing, and are bored...she asks if you want to move the party to your house(yours is big and roomie), and everyone crash there...yes, sh
  9. your idea of the perfect girl is
  10. you guys are talking, and she says that she doesnt believe in getting married just cos a woman is pregnant...that she believes you can cohabitat, and later if you want to marry do think
  11. you guys talk about getting married, but you're not engaged...she sounds unsure, like it's not a total big thing that has to be done today...and you

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Quiz topic: Can I Be Mr. Right?!