Can You Ace This Hunger Games Quiz?

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Well, here it is! The quiz you never knew you needed! Come and try it out. The questions are random, the deaths are depressing, and the food is cheap. If you've ever wondered how much you REALLY know about the Hunger Games compared to the rest of our community, now is the time to find out! 28 questions... (I'm not going to say may the odds be ever in your favor, too stereotypical) But I will say good luck!!!

When 100 people take this quiz, I'm going to add a section of SUPER HARD BONUS QUESTIONS!!! Just wait till that comes out... you'd regret missing it! I'm also open to suggestions for questions in the comments. Some of the people who do really well could get a special mention during the bonus section update, so give it your all! Special mentions go to 1st comment, 1st to get 100%, and funniest. Also there are honorary mentions. You can't get more than 1 award, btw :), and must be logged in.

Created by: embrie
  1. What do the Careers call Peeta in the 74th Hunger Games arena?
  2. What's Peeta's favorite color?
  3. What does Haymitch send as a message to Katniss after her and Peeta's first kiss?
  4. How does poor Finnick die?
  5. What is Foxface's actual name? (said briefly in movie only)
  6. Which mutts is Glimmer killed by?
  7. What was different about the fiftieth Quarter Quell?
  8. What relationship did Finnick and Mags have?
  9. Who does Katniss truly love?
  10. On the morning of the 74th reaping, what berries are in Gale and Katniss's breakfast?
  11. What song did Katniss sing on the first day of kindergaten?
  12. Why does Peeta say that Katniss's mom married her dad?
  13. Why did Thresh let Katniss go?
  14. How did Foxface die?
  15. Which is NOT a mutt aspect listed in the book?
  16. Who has gone to the Hunger Games before?
  17. When did Annie go insane?
  18. District 12 is in a region previously know as...
  19. Who is NOT a Hunger Games character?
  20. What are Katniss's scores from the Gamemakers in private sessions? (written as first score, second score)
  21. How does Katniss stop Peeta from following her to get the backpack from the feast?
  22. Why didn't Katniss want kids?
  23. Which song was banned from the house by Katniss's mother?
  24. How did Haymitch win his Hunger Games?
  25. How many tesserae did Prim take out when she turned 12?
  26. How do Finnick and Katniss first meet face-to-face?
  27. What is a little-known mentioned fact about Peeta?
  28. FINALLY... how well do you think you did on this random knowledge quiz?

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