Can Meh Trick Youh??

Hey Hey!! This Paragraph? Yea, I dont like it!! So Just Take Da STINKIN' Amazingness Quiz.. sorta :P

I Love You, Boo!!

Created by: RemysFault

  1. Hey Hey!! I wanna know: Can I REALLY Trick Someone like YOU???
  2. And I gotta Say.. Why Are You Even Taking This??
  3. Your Probably Gonna Leave A Comment Somewhat Like This: 'WTH?? I Dont get this quiz!! Watta Waste of Meh Precious Life!!'
  4. Soo. Hey, How Are Ya???
  5. Soo, er.. Do You Like Meh Quizes??
  6. OKay.. Serious question.. I does count! Your walking down the highway ((Meh: o.o)) and you spot a cat. A BIG cat, but its a cat. What do you do?
  7. Another Serious Question: You see a big dude in ovrealls coming your way, his face looks angry, but he has a child with him. What do you do??
  8. Another: You were skipping ((Yes, skipping)) to the Park && you see a white truck grab a man and pull him in. THEN five minutes later, the truck 'Spits' out the man. The white truck turns around and comes towards you. The man isn't really moving, the one that they JUST captured. What do you do?
  9. Why did you pick no??
  10. Rate/Comment?? ((No Effect))
  11. Take meh Other Quizes?? Pwease??

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