Camp Rock Quiz #1

Many people seem to think that they know EVERYTHING!! But I know that they are wrong. This quiz is to show what really people know and what they dont know about the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock!!

Did you see camp rock. What did you think. Do u know what it takes so be a true camp rock fan. Well as soon as you take this quiz, you will see if you do or dont know xampr rock

Created by: amazon

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  1. What was the color of mitchies room in the begining of the movie??
  2. What "one word" did shane say to his buds in the limo?
  3. What character did Allsion Stoner play?
  4. When Shane walks into the kitchen what does mitchie put on her face so shane doesnt notice who she is??
  5. Mitchie got to go to camp rock under what condition??
  6. What does mitchies father own?
  7. When brown picks mitchie to sing in class, what song did she sing?
  8. The Other _______ are over there?
  9. Nick Jonas plays in the movie. What was his characters name?
  10. How does brown wake up shane the first day of camp?
  11. What does tess "spill" on kaitlyn while in the cafeteria?
  12. Tess framed mitchie and kaitlyn for stealing what?

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