call of duty black ops quiz

There are alot of smart people out there, come on guys i know most of you can past this if you played black ops before. its and easy quiz, i no you guys can do it

Are YOU good enough to pass this test? All about black ops? well try this test and you will find out, its easy for me so lets see if its easy for you all, come on try it!

Created by: Justin

  1. What number mission do u kill the "impostor" castro?
  2. Who are the group who are trying to get you to translate the numbers?
  3. Is Reznov really there?
  4. What group is hudson part of?
  5. Who goes into the rat tunnel with you?
  6. Who helps you kill Steiner?
  7. What map on zombies plays eminem music?
  8. What do you do on the very last mission of the campaign?
  9. Who punches you at the beginning of the second mission?
  10. Why do you need Hazmat suits while playing Hudson?
  11. What does the guns on the front of the case say?
  12. Who do you play as most of the campaign? Hudson or Mason
  13. What map on zombies do u need a code for to unlock?
  14. How do you kill Dragovich? And why?
  15. Who trys to sabotage Dragvoich's brain wash on you?

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