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Let's test your useless knowledge of BTS. How many of these (kinda) hard questions will you get right? (please don't mind the weird words I type in after I have typed in what I needed.)

Enough talking... I'm good... I'm done.......okay I'm stobbing now. Anyways let's start! (umebs djkfs skdhd shjssd hshsdj sdhf eya djd chse jds dsj dsj, I'm sorry again, but please don't mind that)

Created by: Eunjin

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  1. What date was their debut
  2. Which three members was in the music video they made called Graduation Song?
  3. Who was the secret member of BTS?
  4. What was Jungkook's favorite word during Bon Voyage Season 1?
  5. What is the name of the dance crew J-Hope was in predebut?
  6. What is the name of Jungkook's older brother?
  7. Which one is V's hometown?
  8. Which to members were classmates on their last year of high school?
  9. What is the name of V's puppy? (Keep in mind that this was made in February 2018, where it is still a cute little puppy.)
  10. How old was Suga when he found his interest in playing the piano again?

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