Brontwood Middle #1: First Impressions

This quiz is actually the first episode of my new series entitled Brontwood Middle. Heres the instructions: Each question will have an answer and the result of that answer in parenthases(Like this). You CANNOT read whats in parentheses before you pick your answer.Also, girls please only pick girl answers and boys only pick boy answers.

You will get a ranking at the end of the quiz. It will either be Popular/Cool, Average/normal or outcast. *PLEASE NOTE THAT NO MATTER WHAT YOUR RANKING IS,IT WAS NOT ABOUT YOU. (So if you get outcast,sorry. I didn't mean it about YOU.).

Created by: thisismyquiz

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  1. Its your first day at your new Middle School! What do you wear?!
  2. Its time for English, your first period class. Mr. Zanderly assigns you to write an essay about coming back to school. You:
  3. Your 2nd hour class is gym. Your teacher lets everyone pick 1 out of 3 sports to play. You choose:
  4. Pick your third period class:
  5. Fourth period is Lunch! You sit:
  6. Its Fifth Period! Do you remember where to go?
  7. What happened in fifth period....
  8. This is 6th period! Last class! Today you go to the office. They tell you that your homeroom will remain English, and your third period class will be:
  9. They say You may switch around for Fifth period and 6th period was Math.You say:
  10. Do you remeber where to go after school?
  11. After school, you go wherever and have a great time!!
  12. I hope you liked it, if you wantmore episodes of Brontwood Middle, comment and tell me.

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