Boxing quiz to boxing fans.

What is fan of boxing? He/she watches boxing from television and is interested from it. And he/she also knows a lot about boxing. He/she knows the legends of boxing, who they fought and where.

So do you think you are a big fan of boxing? Well, now you have a chance to try out if you really are. Heres my short quiz about boxing. Try it out and finish it.

Created by: Epicguy

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  1. First an easy one: Wich one of the following is Mike Tysons nickname?
  2. Okay, now something bit harder: How many times did muhammad ali won the world heavyweight champion title?
  3. Lets go on: Wich year did he (Ali) win his first heavyweight champion title?
  4. Next: How many knockout victories has Floyd Mayweather Jr scored?
  5. Moving on: How many times did Joe Louis defense his world heavyweight champion title?
  6. Wich one of these matches is known as "Thrilla in Manilla"
  7. Wich one of these boxers was known as "Smokin"
  8. What did Mike Tyson do to Evander holyfield in their second encounter?
  9. Whos quote is this: "Im going to be the greatest of all time!"
  10. In wich round did Sonny Liston knock Floyd patterson out in their first match?
  11. What has George Foreman sold after his boxing career?
  12. Wich one of the following fights inspired the original Rocky movie?
  13. The last one: wich boxer is sometimes called as "the KO king"

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