Blitzyplaysys quiz

This is my quiz sooooooooo I hope u enjoy it I also give a shout out to saint Cathrens school Cork I hope you like my quizyyy l really do love miraculous

Do please try my quiz I love miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir sooo much that I decided to base this quiz on it I really love miraculous so I hope they come out with more

Created by: Thomas Randles
  1. Your stuck in a burning building what do you do
  2. Your on a camping trip and you spot a bear you have a friend with you what do you do
  3. Your friend cheats in a test and tells you not to tell anyone what do you do?
  4. Dawn or dusk
  5. City or country
  6. Land or lake
  7. Tiki plague or Trix
  8. Love or hate
  9. What’s your fav coulor
  10. What’s your least fav color

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