Bladder Torture Challenge (Hard)

In this quiz you will push your bladder to breaking point. Please click away if you don't want to wet yourself! Also, remember hat you have to get up here.

Be aware that this quiz involves many activities and requires you to wet your pants at the end. Want to do it? Let's go. (Please make sure you have to pee)

Created by: My Bladder Is Always Full

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  1. Firstly, we are going to need to do some activities. Stand up and spread your legs. What happened?
  2. Now sit down (either on a chair or the floor) and press lightly on your bladder. What happened?
  3. Now sit quietly for a moment. What movements were you making?
  4. This part is for boys! (Girls answer the last one) Please stand over the toilet, unzip pants, and aim. Then start to pee, but stop before any comes out and quickly zip up pants again. What happened?
  5. Time for some scenarios! Answer these based on your current bladder circumstances. Okay?
  6. You are walking down a road. What are you doing? (Remember... Current bladder status)
  7. How would you describe your bladder's fullness right now?
  8. What will you do after the quiz?
  9. Bathroom, restroom, loo, washroom, pee, wee, urine, releasing it all.... How will it feel. All that pressure gone, urine rushing into the shiny toilet, feeling it pour out of your *area* like a waterfall!
  10. Stand up!
  11. Now pee yourself.

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