Well, thank you for the comments guys @ hazelfangsbite, goth3mo and slytherin queeen. And also a special thanks for hazelfangsbite cuz Nick is based on hazel's idea with a little bit of sprinkle of my idea.

I'm thinking of adding atlest two characters in next part. I dont know when i'll finish next part cuz i have to study. I'll try to finish it soon. Now i'll shupup so we can get on with the story.

Created by: Bionca

  1. ~ Mystery guy's POV ~ I was knocking the door and calling out kev for sometime but nobody's answering me. The other houses were quite a distance apart, so i din't see any neighbours. I braced myself and barged into the house and called out, Hello? Hello? Anyone home? But nothing happened.
  2. Once through the front door there was a little corridor which opened up into a large rectangular hallway, with doors leading off to the different downstairs rooms. In the kitchen, to my right, i heared a female voice on the radio singing a station logo. Still nobody. I started tiptoeing towards the noise in the kitchen. In a loud whisper i said, well, well, well - i'll have to leave . . . . seeing as nobody's here .
  3. To my left, was the door to the lounge, open about a foot or so. I didn't look in as i walked past but I saw something in my peripheral vision that at first din't register. Or maybe it did; maybe my brain processed the information and rejected it as too horrible to be true. It took a second for me to sink in, and when i did my whole body stiffened. I turned my head slowly, trying to make sense of what was in front of me.
  4. It was Kev. He was lying on his side on the floor, and his head had been battered by a baseball bat. I knew that because i could see it on the floor beside him. It was one he'd shown off to me on my last visit, a nice, light aluminium one. I thought, F***ing hell, he'd dead or should be, looking at the state of him. What about Marsha and the girls? Was the killer still in the house? I had to get a weapon. There was nothing i could do for Kev at the moment. I din't even think about him, just that i needed one of his pistols. I knew were all 5 of them were concealed in the house, always above child level and always loaded. All Marsha or Kev had to do was pickup one of the weapons and blat the enemies. And there was more than a few of enemies for kev in the drug community. I thought, they've got him at last.
  5. I was soon able to find one of 5 weapons in the house. Now what was i going to do? I had my car outside, if that got reported and traced there'd be all kinds of drama. I had to make sure Marsha and the girls weren't still here, tiedup in another room or held down by some killers with a gun to their heads. I was going to have to clear the house. I had a quick look at Kev, just incase i could see breathing. No chance. His brains were hanging out, his face was pulped. He was dead.
  6. If only room-clearing was easy as Don Johnson made it look in MIAMI VICE - run up to the door, get right up against the door frame, jump out into the middle of it, pistol poised, and win the day. After some time i cleared kitchen. I cleared rooms in downstairs. The last room uncleared downstairs was Kev's study. I put my ear to the door and listened. I couldn't hear anything. I made entry into the room. It was a small room, just enough space for some filing cabinets, a desk and a chair. Shelves on the wall facing the desk were full of books and photos of Kev shooting, Kev running, that sort of stuff. Everything was now on the floor, the filing cabinets were opened and paper strewn everywhere. The only thing not ripped apart was Kev's PC. And i cleared the room. I also cleared the rooms of both girls. Nothing. No-one.
  7. Next was Kev's and Marsha's room. I could see that the door was slightly open. I couldn't actually see anything inside yet. As i inched round the door frame, i got my first glimpse of Marsha. She was kneeling by the bed, her top half spreadeagled on the mattress. The bedspread was covered in blood. I sank to my knees. I felt myself going into shock. I couldn't believe this was true. This was not happening to this family. Why kill Marsha? It should have been Kev they were after. Despite the air-conditioning i was drenched with sweat. I got a grip on myself and started to move. The room was clear. The next job was the bathroom.
  8. I made entry into the bathroom and what i saw made me lose it, totally f***ing lose it. Bang, i went back against the wall. Aida was lying on the floor. Her head had been severed from her shoulders. There was just 3 inches of flesh left intact and i could see the vertebrate still holding on. Blood was everywhere. I got it all over my shirt. I was standing in a pool of it. I was taking deep breaths. I cleared the other rooms, and half collapsed, half sat on the landing. Stop, calm down and think i said to myself. What next? Kelly. Where the hell was Kelly?
  9. Then i remembered the hiding place. Because of the threats to Kev, both Kelly and Aida knew where they had to and hide in the event of a drama. The thought brought me to senses. If that was where Kelly was hiding, she was safe. I got a cloth and a bag from the kitchen and started to run round the house, wiping door handles and any surfaces where i might have left fingerprints. I went upstairs, washed the blood off my hands and face, and got a clean shirt and pair of jeans and trainers from Kev's. His clothes din't fit me but they would do for now. I bundled my own bloodstained stuff into the bag that i'd be taking with me.
  10. Kev had shown me the 'hidey-hole' as he called it, built under the garage. I started making entry into the garage. The garage could easily have taken 3 extra vehicles besides Kev's car. I moved the opening of the hidey-hole and i can see a ladder that led into the hideyhole and i climbed in. As i got closer i started to call out very gently, Kelly! It's Nick! Hello, Kelly, where are you? All the time the pistol was pointing forward ready to take on any threat. I got down the ladder and moved my head round. She was there, facing me, eyes wide with terror, sitting curled up in a foetal position, rocking her body backwards and forwards, holding her hands over her ears. Hello kelly! I said very softly. She must have recognized me, but didn't reply. She just carried on rocking, staring at me with wide, scared eyes. 'kev and Marsha can't come and get you out at the moment, but you can come with me. Kev told me it would be OK. Are you going to come with me Kelly? I asked her. Still no reply. I sat beside her. She'd been crying and strands of her hair were stuck to her face. I moved them away from her face. Her eyes were red and swollen. Youre in a bit of a mess there, i said. Come on, lets go and get you sorted out, shall we? I said. Still no reply. I got hold of her hand and gently guided her out into the garage.
  11. Ok guys from now on he's not mystery guy. His name is Nick Stone. He's your brother's (kev) close friend. You knew him since when you were in UK. He too working in DCA. He's 6'1 lean, muscular not too much but all in the right places. Has unscathed face and tough-guy looks. Has brown hair, short, simple yet stylish Faux hawk hairstyle, Brown eyes, lips that are x-rated and he's tanned. He is Pushy and Bullheaded. He is also Brave, Fiercely overprotective, Compassionate and Steadfast. He is also both incredibly selfless and also incredibly selfish. He's hot and popular among girls. His friends nicknamed him Dickhead Nick. You consider him a Dork.
  12. ~now back to Nick's POV~ She was dressed in jean skirt and halter top. Her hair was straight as always. I had a good relationship with Kelly. I thought she was a great girl, and that wasn't just because she was my mate's sister. I picked her up in my arms and held her tight as i carried her into the kitchen. I sat her down on a chair at the table. Kev and Marsha said they had to go away for a while, but asked me to look after you until they come back ok? I asked her. She was trembling so much i couldn't tell if her head was nodding or shaking.
  13. Suddenly i realized something. What was i going to do with her? I couldn't just leave her here; her family were lying dead all over the house. But, most importantly, she knew me. When the police arrived she'd be able to say, 'Nick stone was here'. They will soon find out that nick stone was one of her brother's mates and the house was full of photographs with me in them. I looked out of the window - no movement. I picked up the bag, grabbed Kelly's hand. The i told her to wait a second. She looked at me now face to face asked me, Are we going somewhere Nick? I said yep!. I had a quick check to make sure the doors were closed. I thought again about fingerprints but, if i'd missed a set, there was nothing i could do about it now. My only thought was to get out of thd area and keep Kelly away from the police until i'd sorted things out.
  14. I came back and got her and walked towards the car. She seemed to be finding it hard to walk. I had to grip her. I put her in the front passenger seat and smiled. Then i threw the bag in the back, settled into the driver's seat, put my seat belt on and turned the ignition. We drove off at a really sensible pace, nothing outrageous, nothing likely to get noticed.
  15. We'd gone a few hundred yards. I turned to Kelly and smiled, trying to be the guy she knew, but it just wasn't happening. She was staring anxiously out of the window, as she was being wrenched away from all her familiar landmarks. 'It's ok Kelly, i tried to stroke her hair. She jerked her head away. Suddenly i noticed that she hadn't put seat belt on yet. I looked across at her and said, 'Kelly, put your seat belt on'. She didn't move, didn't even look at me. I had to do it for her. And i decided where to go.
  16. That's it for part2 guys. I have to study for exam guys so I try to get part3 out soon. Please rate or comment and comeback for part3. Until then its me Byyu (prounced BY-U). Have fun bye.

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