Beverly and Jennifer

Hey. This is Beverly and Jennifer. Krissy isn't here because she is at the beach. We were really board and were researching Nick Jonas and Jason Dolley and came apon a quiz that you could take about Nick. That is what brought us to this website. After Beverly aced the quiz about Nick, we decided to make a quiz of our own!

Are you ready to take this quiz. The reason you should take it is because you will be able to find out the one question you have been asking yourself all this time. Am I a Beverly or am I a Jennifer? PS.GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Jennifer of myspace
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  1. Who is cuter? Nick Jonas or Jason Dolley?
  2. Which name would you name your first son? Dean or Nathen?
  3. Would you want a pet bird or a pet dog?
  4. Purple or Green?
  5. Would you do Band or Chorus?
  6. Do you think you look like Brenda Song or Ashley Tisdale?
  7. Who is your Celebrity Idol? Alyson Stoner or Kelly Clarkson?
  8. Which clothing store do you perfer? American Eagle or Aeropostle?
  9. Do you listen to MP3 or I-Pod?
  10. Would you do Soccer or Swimming?
  11. Do you think Jason Dolley looks better as a blonde or a brunette?

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