Best Hogwarts Quiz Ever! And You Choose What Happens!

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This should be a good quiz for Harry Potter Fans (Test your Harry POtter Obsession on my other Quiz). I worked really hard on the questions and although the contents kind of dry right now, I'm just warming the series up with an introductory quiz.

So, just try and answer all of the questions and I don't care if you rate it badly, but rate it good if you like it....I promise the next quiz will start getting alot more fun and you might even feel like you're actually at Hogwarts.

Created by: DragonzEye
  1. First day of school! You are a first year. Tell me, who told you about Hogwarts and your magic powers?
  2. You get onto the Hogwarts Express. Who welcomes you to sit with them?
  3. Where do you choose to sit?
  4. When you arrive at Hogwarts, which House are you sorted into?
  5. Who are immediatly your best friends?
  6. Flash forward to year #2! Slytherin's Heir begins attacking people...who's the first person you think it is?
  7. After getting awesome grades, in particuarly Charms, Potions, and especially Defense Against the Dark Arts, you start to hear rumors about Harry Potter going to Challenge you to see whos the hero: to see whos really got what it takes to stop Slytherin's Heir. How do you feel?
  8. After Hermione is Petrified, Harry and Ron need some brains to help them get into the Chamber of Secrets. They ask you to go with them.
  9. Flash forward (again). The second year is basically over, and by accompanying Harry and Ron during the absence of Hermione you've become a good friend of theirs. How good of a friend?
  10. Over the summer you....(GIRLS ONLY!!!!)
  11. Over the summer you.....(BOYS ONLY!!!!!!!!!)
  12. Thanks for taking! This is the first in a series of quizzes and these are your results.....

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