Best Friends Forever

This is a story about how to best friends get a new misterious book that takes them on a wild ride.....................................................................

Shout out to abwaycool. She is my best friend even if we annoy eachother CONSTANTLY!

Created by: kay625kay

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  1. Ok so this is a story
  2. Ok so it all started with a new book coming out.....
  3. Ashley and Kaitlyn were just regular fangirls who loved to read. One day the were crusin in a book shop when they saw something that cought their eye.
  4. Kaitlyn walked over and picked up the book. It was black with golden words in cursev written all over it. the title was "Forever Together"
  5. "What do you think Ashley? Should we get it?" Kaitlyn said, holding it out to her. "Eh, why not." Ashley said. "You pay though" Kaitlyn sighed then got out her wallet and walked to the front desk. "My friend and I woud like to get this book. How much does it cost?" The book keeper just stared at her.
  6. "Um...hello? Are you alive?" the store keeper looked up. "I said I would like to buy this book." Kaitlyn said. "Take it. No refunds! it's free." "Uh Ok.." Kaitlyn waled over to Ashley. "Let's go this place gives me the creeps." Kaitlyn shivered. "In that case maybe we should stay so I can freak you out." Kaitlyn lightly punched Ashley on the shoulder "c'mon lug."
  7. When they got to Kaitlyn's house they sprawled out on the floor of her bedroom. "Hey wanna read the book Kindergradner styel?" Kaitlyn said. "Sure but you're the Kindergardner because you have the tinniest brian. This time Kaitlyn punches Ashley really hard. "Ow!"
  8. Ashley started to read the book."Once there were two best friends that promised to be friends forever. One day They went to a witch to make them permanitly together forever. The witch did as they asked, but with a twist. They literaly couldn't leave the other's side no matter what." Kaitlyn laughed. "Does that mean they have to go to the bathroom together? And watch the other have her first time?" Ashley shrugged. "I guess." They both stared at eachother and cracked up. When they were laughing Ashley dropped the book. It sucked them in.
  9. Cliff hanger DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN
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