Ben 10 Ultimate Quiz

I love Ben 10 and I think I know pretty much everything about so test your knowledge and have a go. Don't be afraid you will love it! See my other paragraph.

Come on try my quiz! You will love it. Trust in your Ben 10 knowledge. If you think you can do it you probably can. Ben 10 is awesome and can be to just take the quiz.

Created by: Sam Jones

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  1. Which Alien Does Ben first turn into in "And Then There Were 10"
  2. Who created the Omnitrix?
  3. What is the first Ultimate Alien Ben turns into?
  4. What number of Aliens did he start off with?
  5. True or False? Ben takes the Ultimatrix from Albedo?
  6. What species is Four Arms?
  7. True or False? The first Alien Force Alien Ben turns into is Jetray.
  8. True or False? Ghostfreak is an Ectonurite.
  9. In Ben 10 Omniverse Ben's new partner is called Rook Blonko.
  10. In the first episode of Ben 10 Omniverse what is the first new alien Ben turns into?

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