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This/ right here/ is/ my swag/ all/ the girls/ are one me/ d**n! hopefully you read this and realize that it is a quiz with lyrics and guessing involved!

Good luck to you my friend! There are some difficult questions and some easy questions if you know the bands Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, Blood On The Dance Floor, Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce the Veil, And Nevershoutnever! Plus The singes Kerli, And Jason DeRulo.

Created by: xforgetXmex

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  1. I never meant to be the one/ who kept you from the dark/ but now i know my wounds are sewn/ because of who you are/ I will take this burden on/ and become the holy one/ but remember i am human/ and I'm bound to sing this song.
  2. Sunday morning/ wake up early/ Skip church service/ to find my Jesus ? i know/ it sounds/ so sacrilegious/ But i just don't belong/ in a place like that
  3. My alligator blood is starting to show/ I know that you know that/ i know that you know
  4. Well i'm not a vampire but i feel like one/ Sometimes/ i sleep all day/ because i hate the sun/ li---ght/ my heart is always racein/ body's always aching/ in the darkness when i feed
  5. I/ Don't care/ If your beautiful lips/ exists out there/ cause I'm wonderless/ Why the best can't make it in hollywood/ No more
  6. There's a little creepy house/ In a little creepy place/ little creepy town/ In a little creepy world
  7. These lyrics are not from a band but hopefully you know what show it is from. I'm gonna sing the doom song now/ doom doom doodoom doom/ doom doomie doooooom doom doom /doooooom
  8. Now back to the Bands/singers In My head/ I see/ you all over me? In My head/ You fu/ Fill my fantasy/ In My head? You'll be screaming/ Oh oh oh oh? In my head
  9. Now I'm Of consenting age/ To be forgetting you in a cabaret/ Somewhere/ downtown where a burlesque queen/ May even ask my name/ As she sets her skin on stage/ I'm seated and sweating to a dance song on the clubs PA
  10. Ha ha/ Were back/ BOTDF Rep Rep Slash gash terror crew 407 were you at/ When i step up in the club every body show me love/ when i step in club music is my favorite drug/ I'm in the business of terror/ more metal than slayer/ I've got money and hoes/ in different area codes

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