Before Harry Potter...Romance at Hogwarts Pt 4

You are catching 6 boys' eyes now, and it can be quite complicated not to mention dramatic! Yes, this part is full of DRAMA! From flirting to kissing, a whole life will roll out before your eyes... Will you face the challenges that I have in store for you?

Many hearts will chase after you but which one will you choose? It's all up to you at Hogwarts... Hearts will be broken, and love may spring. From year 3 to 7 budding friendships may become love.

Created by: XxxKaliaxxX
  1. You hurried toward The Forbidden Forest,clutching your cloak close to your body to warm yourself and to keep the wind out. You shivered as you approached The Forbidden Forest searching for the light that Hagrid was supposed to hold.  Finally,you spotted a beacon of light,splaying out from Hagrid's lantern as he held it up. You picked up your pace and joined the group who had gathered around Hagrid and Fang for detention. Sirius flashes a grin at you as you joined in beside him and you nodded at him before looking at Hagrid. The gamekeeper smiled cheerily and said,"Alright now! 'Yer all here now so let's move! There's been reports of somethin' strange in the forest and we're going to take a scouting in the forest!" At the horrified and rather scared expressions Hagrid added hastily,"Now don't you worry! I'm sure it'll be nothin'! I'll take Martin and Abigail while Fang here will take Sirius and ______!" Everyone nodded and Hagrid said,"We'll meet back in an hour." The two groups parted and Sirius walked along side you,following Fang.
  2. As you went deeper and deeper into the forest,it got darker and darker. Even the usually talkative Sirius was subdued in the Forbidden Forest. Every time a twig snapped or there was a sound you got more nervous at the things that lay in this dark place. It was a full moon today,but you still couldn't see much. Sirius looked at you,his stormy gray eyes blending in the dark backround. "So instead of that utterly romantic moonlight stroll we were going to take,we got stuck in the Forbidden Forest huh?" You rolled your eyes and scoffed,"Utterly romantic moonlight stroll Sirius? Now where'd you get that idea?" Sirius grinned. "Well we all know,no sane person would say no to a moonlight stroll with moi right?"
  3. You made to respond but a howl pierced the air and Sirius froze and the grin slipped from his face. Fang started barking and then whimpering as the large dog started to back up. "No..." whispered Sirius,eyes wide. Fang turned tail and ran. You heard loud rustling noises and what seemed like very loud pawsteps come toward you. You were starting to panic,and became rooted to the ground. "S-Sirius?" you stammered,eyes wide. Suddenly, a large shape burst out from the trees and in an instant you were on the ground, a jarring pain bursting from your spine as you hit the earth beneath you. "___________!" shouted Sirius. The beast was upon you and you looked into its eyes as it snarled. They seemed vaguely familiar,and that was the last thing you saw before you fell into the black.
  4. You blinked against the bright light as you groaned softly,pain filling you. It seemed like every body part was on fire. What happened? All you could remember was Sirius shouting your name and those eyes.... The eyes of the creature that attacked you. They seemed so familiar but why? Your head throbbed as you attempted to sit up, but couldn't. Madame Pomfrey hurried in, because she most likely heard you stir. "Oh dear, you're awake are you now? How are you feeling?" You responded, "I'm fine Madame Pomfrey... What happened?" "You were attacked by an animal in the Forbidden Forest. You were lucky, and got away with just a few scratches and bruises, thank Merlin." You looked around, surveying the hospital wing. Only one bed seemed occupied since the curtains around it were drawn shut. A knocking on the door to the hospital wing could be heard, just faintly. Madame Pomfrey continued on, handing you a glass of water & potion. You drank the potion, downing the awful taste with water. Then, the knocking turned into a loud, dreadful pounding. Madame Pomfrey irritated, turned towards the door. Grudgingly she said,"I suppose there's no harm in letting your friends in." You looked surprised, still propped up against the pillow.
  5. Madame Pomfrey opened the door, and three boys come in. James, Sirius, and Peter. "Now Poppy, you should be more willing to let us see her! After all, I saved her life!" You looked at Sirius, shocked and open-mouthed. "Y-You saved me?" you sputtered, shocked as can be. Sirius grinned proudly. "Yup! You heard right!" he crowed proudly. You looked at James and Peter, noting how they seemed unusually quiet. "Are you two alright?" you asked, a bit concerned. "Y-yeah." said Peter unconvincingly. James shot him a withering glare and smiled at you, though it seemed a little forced. "Oi Padfoot! The flowers?" Sirius looked a bit confused before he had gone into another ear-splitting grin. "Oh yeah!" Sirius handed you a bouquet of flowers. The bouquet consisted of white lilies, pink roses, pure white calla lilies, and yellow peonies. The bouquet was quite beautiful and as you held it up to your nose, it smelled quite good. Peter waved his wand, making a vase filled with water appear on the bedside table. You set the bouquet into the vase, admiring it. "Where's Remus?" The three exchanged slight, uneasy glances. "Well?"
  6. "He's helping Professer Sprout before class." responded Peter confidently. "He feels horrible about what happened to you though." added James. Sirius muttered something that was inaudible to you and James elbowed him, making Sirius glare at James. You stifled your laughter, smiling at the boys. They sure knew how to make a girl laugh. Matter of fact, they knew how to make about anyone laugh. Madame Pomfrey shuffled in and made "˜shoo-ing' motions at Peter, James, and Sirius. Sirius grinned and James ruffled your hair. "See you later ______. Bye Poppy!" said James, adding a good natured wink at you & Madame Pomfrey before the three departed.
  7. Madame Pomfrey looked at you and said, "Well those boys seemed to have lifted your spirits a bit. Now, I want you to get some rest okay? No buts about it!" she commanded firmly before walking away. You nodded, and closed your eyes. Soon, you fell into a dreamless sleep.
  8. You awoke, but felt a strange feeling, not daring to open your eyes. It was a feeling... that you were being watched. Before you could figure out who it was, you felt soft lips bring themselves down on yours. It was a tender kiss that sent your senses spinning. His lips tasted sweet, like sugar or honey and he smelled of vanilla. He was intoxicating really. The stranger placed a hand on your cheek, stroking it sensually with his thumb before he deepened his kiss, just slightly. For fear of him stopping, and being found that you really were awake, you just lay there, acting like you were still asleep. The kiss was passionate, yet he wasn't violent. Instead, you were melting at his kiss, like ice cream under the warm rays of the sun. His smooth lips parted, and you felt his lips pull away from you. He kept a hand on your cheek, before kissing your neck gently, letting his mouth trail down your neck as you resisted the urge to gasp. The stranger pulled away, taking away the warmth and comfort he provided as you heard quiet footsteps retreating quickly. After waiting for a moment, your eyes shot open but you didn't see who it was. You reached up to your lips, touching them, almost in disbelief. You almost couldn't believe that had happened. Who had kissed you?
  9. You sighed softly in content before you looked around the hospital wing. Still, there was the one bed that was occupied with curtains drawn shut. Madame Pomfrey walked towards you briskly, and said, "Oh ______________, you're awake! Here dearie, one more potion and you should be right as rain!" You took the potion as Madame Pomfrey gazed out the window. "Oh why look at that! The clouds are clearing out, and here comes the sun!" Madame Pomfrey smiled, and took away the vial that held the potion earlier as sunshine made its way into the window, and she walked away. You noticed something glint on your sleeve, and you looked closer to inspect it to find it was a strand of blonde, almost white hair. You gasped, your hand flying to your mouth. Lucius.
  10. The next day, you were awoken by Madame Pomfrey. "________?" You looked up. "Yes?" "Well,you're going back to class today. I think you're well enough to attend but if you're not, come straight back here!" "Yes Madame Pomfrey." You got up, out of the bed with stiff muscles, arms, and legs. You stretched for a moment to ease out the stiffness before heading to your room to change. Quickly, you threw on some clothes and your robes before walking down to wander the halls, since it was your free period. Once you got bored of walking, you leaned upon a wall in an empty hall way and you leaned against the wall, sighing. Had Lucius really kissed you? Why? He wasn't exactly the nicest person in the world, and not exactly a softie either not to mention he was a Malfoy! It was really hard to believe. Did Lucius really, actually like you? But... he was a seventh year, so it was his last year at Hogwarts! "_______?" a voice said, slicing through your thoughts though the voice was soft, and even a bit hesitant. You blinked as you came face to face with a black haired boy with a hooked nose who you recognized as Severus. "H-Hey Severus..." you said, and the greasy haired boy smiled a bit uneasily, seeing your expression. "I-Is there like... Uh.... Something wrong?" Severus managed to say, and you shook your head. "You shouldn't worry about it." You murmured softly, looking away. "U-Um... O-Okay then i-f you like say so..." Severus said, his hand grazing your hip as you looked at him, not sure if it was an accident or not. "Snivellus~!" A voice sang out, and Severus whipped around to see the Maruaders. James was grinning devilishly before he muttered a spell that sent Severus doing back handsprings down the hall. Remus looked sheepish as he approached, and James looked extremely proud as Sirius clapped him on the back. "Good job mate!" he said, grinning. Peter smiled at you as he trailed behind the three.
  11. "Hi _____." Remus greeted you, a gentle smile on his face. Sirius was grinning as he said, "Since we so efficiently got rid of Snivellus, let us escort you to class my dear _______." "We SHALL escort the royal maiden to Charms." Sirius declared as he hooked his arm with yours, and James took the other as they started to march towards the Charms classroom. You rolled your eyes but noticed as Remus flicked his wand, and sent Sirius to the ground as he hooked his arm with yours. You stifled your laughter as Sirius jumped to his feet, and made a sort of growling noise before he leaped at Remus who had separated himself from you, and the pair fell to the ground, in a playful fight that Peter eventually broke up, as James stood on the side, egging them on. By the time the fight was over, the bell had rang, and you and the Marauders were tardy.
  12. Shaking your head, you hurried over to your seat next to another girl, and tried to focus on whatever Professor Flitwick was teaching, but to no avail. Finally, class was over and it was time for dinner. After unsuccessfully trying to complete the charm, Flitwick had told you to practice and write 1 piece of parchment minimum about the cheering charm. "I could use one of those now." you muttered as you walked out of the classroom, and towards the Great Hall. "_______! Oh _________!" Sirius called as he and the rest of the Marauders raced towards you, nearly knocking you to the ground. "Sorry about that." Remus apologized, ever the gentlemen. "I think you messed up my hair James!" Sirius said, reaching up to smooth his hair down again. At first, you thought he was only joking, but Sirius seemed pretty sirius(if you know what I mean). You glanced over at Peter who smiled at you, before you continued on. As you reached the entrance of the Great Hall, James bowed and with a flourish of his wand, a beautiful flower appeared in the palm of his hand. Grinning, the black haired boy put the blooming flower in your hair, and bowed once again. "Ladies first~" he said in a sing song voice. James glanced over to Sirius and said, "That means you too Sirius." "Why you-!" The sound of a scuffle commenced that Peter tried to break up, while Remus stood by with amusement in his eyes as he watched his best friends. You watched as well with a smile on your face, until Sirius and James had gotten up, and smoothed their robes down, though James' hair was left untouched, a handsome mess. "Come on, I'm hungry." Peter whined. Sirius snorted and retorted, "You're always hungry." Rolling your eyes, you and the Marauders walked into the Great Hall and Peter smiled and offered, "Come sit with us ______!" He looked very hopeful and enthusiastic. "Oh, well sure." you responded and went to sit with the boys anyways though you were not in Gryffindor. "Hey, where's the food?" Peter asked, a bit surprised. The food was usually on the table by now. Professor Dumbledore, stood up and clears his throat as he stood on the owl podium, his hand in his robes. "Welcome my dear pupils. I have an important announcement to make..." He paused, and continued, "I know all of you have been working hard, especially the 6th and 7th years because of OWLS & NEWTS. That why, you all deserve a break. Hogwarts is hosting their first Masquerade Ball, and all the students of Hogwarts are invited to attend!" A lapse of silence followed as the news sunk in, and the Great Hall burst into cheers and chatter. The head master smiled as his blue eyes twinkled, and he waited for the noise to settle down before he said, "Masks can be purchased by going to your Head of House. The ball will be 5 days from now in the Great Hall at 6 o'clock. Now enough of this, let's eat!" With a wave of his wand, food appeared on the table though many were too excited to eat. You couldn't wait to go to the ball with...
  13. Hello there my dearest fans! Yes, I have been neglecting you lately. I've becoming more active in my school, and community so I've been leaving the computer for longer periods of time now. I apologize, but here's part 4! I've made 2 holiday editions in the series as well, so check them out if you haven't already! Please give me feedback, suggestions, etc! Thank you for everyone that has supported me! Bye~!

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