bedwetting and do you need protection

Welcome to the quiz! Let's find out if you need Goodnites, the protective underwear designed for individuals who may experience nighttime accidents. Answer the following questions to determine if Goodnites could be beneficial for you:

Bedwetting happens to many, but fear not! Goodnites are here to save the night and make bedwetting a breeze to handle. I have to write words here so here are some more words for you

Created by: Justin cider
  1. Age
  2. If you have an accident how often
  3. If you have an accident how bad is it
  4. Have you been to the doctor about bed wetting
  5. Do you think you need night time protection
  6. Did your parents or siblings wet the bed
  7. Do you feel embarrassed or anxious about bedwetting?
  8. Have you tried any bedwetting alarms or protective bedding?
  9. Are there any underlying medical conditions that could contribute to your bedwetting?
  10. Have you wet the bed before this eg years ago

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Quiz topic: Bedwetting and do I need protection

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