Beauty and the beast alphabetical quiz:Spell the letters

Hi,I am BeautyRose333,and I am creating an extra special quiz today,because I got the idea and was inspired by another system called BuzzFeed,and decided to make a Beauty and the Beast alphabetical quiz,with some changes,

Here’s how it works. I will give you a letter in the alphabet,each in chronological sequence so no one gets confused,and I will give you a hint next to the letter. Your job is the guess which word I am thinking of. Remember,try your best and make Belle impressed! Let’s start!

Created by: BeautyRose333
  1. A: Belle wants this in the great wide somewhere
  2. B:These are things Belle loves to read
  3. C:This is the name of the sassy yet slightly uptight and responsible household clock who’s friends with the yellow chandelier
  4. D:Belle and the Beast do this activity in their castle ballroom
  5. E:The handsome village hunk loves to eat those everyday so he’s roughly the size of a barge
  6. F:This is the country where the movie takes place
  7. G:This is the name of the handsome village hunk who wants to marry Belle.
  8. H:This is the occupation of the same village hunk who’s determined to be wed to Belle and often stalks her around.
  9. I:This is the occupation of Belle’s father
  10. J:Taught by the film,one should not do this to a book by its cover.
  11. K:Belle finds this unexpected trait in the Beast
  12. L:Beast offers this part of the castle to Belle
  13. M:This is the magical object given by the Enchantress which Belle uses to see her father
  14. N: This is what the person who voices the film is called
  15. O:This in French means “Yes”.
  16. P:Belle officially earns this title by the end of the film
  17. Q:Starting with Q,this is how Belle describes her village at the beginning of the movie
  18. R:This magical flower acts a timer.
  19. S:Commonly known as a curse,this is a type of magic that could be broken if the Beast learns to love.
  20. T:Beginning with this letter,it is a place where the townfolks hang out.
  21. U:This film shows you can’t be deceived by appearances,and turn away people just because they are…
  22. V:The people who dwell in villages are called…
  23. W:These creatures attack Belle’s father in the woods
  24. X:This is a famous holiday celebrated on December 25th.
  25. Z:Beginning with Z,people do this to make the screen bigger.

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