How well do you know the live action Beauty and the Beast?

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Created by: Aurora

  1. First,who PLAYED Belle?
  2. What is the bookkeeper’s name in the library Belle visits?(he has one)
  3. Let’s keep this simple. It is super easy. Who PLAYED Gaston(not voice him)?
  4. Hint:It begins with an I and is (In the original 1955 movie) Maurice’s profession. Belle was a(n) other than just a bookworm:
  5. How did Belle’s mother die?
  6. If you answered “from disease”,if so,then which disease?
  7. This is probably the easiest question ever! What is Belle’s hair color?
  8. Well,don’t expect this to get harder. For this is one of my easiest quizzes of all times,if you have the knowledge and trivia to ace it of course! Pick one FALSE statement:
  9. Pick one FALSE statement again:
  10. Pick one FALSE statement again:
  11. Last one. Pick a FALSE statement:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the live action Beauty and the Beast?

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