Battle for love and freedom. Pt.1

This is a bunch of bull crap. I hate this so much!! :T ughhhhh zoo hey guys yeah, blah a bunch of gibberish so how's it going yeah it's going great, so haha yup.

Zoo animals are cute and funny. Blah bleh blech bleach. I am so bored, haha, and I lost I lost my pig too); bad timing to enter. Boo, I am ghost heh..

Created by: Cheesypuff29

  1. I hestitated to pick up the black long sword. I didn't know who or what I was up against, this was my first battle ever. The sweat on my face sliding down my cheeks. If fighting these people and killing them just to gain some freedom then I will slay them all, all my enemies, of coarse. I stared at the sword then picked it up. It was time, I get revenge on them for killing him and my family, my love, my everything.
  2. I look up and see a tall person staring at me, he had a mask on so I couldn't tell who he was or how he looked. He held a long sword that only the experienced ones have only. I was a beginner, a rookie, terrified as I was, I still have to fight him. Drew my sword up and charged at him.
  3. He chuckled and attacked me the sword. 'Wow, I seem like a little rat trying to fight a dog.' I though to myself. Our swords collies here and there, to be honest, this guy was good. He cut my arm, which now hurt a lot but I couldn't give up so easily, now. "Wow, your not going to give in so easily are you?" He thought out loud. "No," I hissed.
  4. I glanced at the other people that were battling against other enemies. Oh my gosh, we were so far from winning. "My dear, you will never defeat me," He chuckled again.
  5. I glanced at the other people that were battling against other enemies. Oh my gosh, we were so far from winning. "My dear, you will never defeat me," He chuckled again.
  6. I swung the sword like crazy, trying to hit him in any way. He dodged every single time. "y'know your wasting your time trying to hit me when you know you can't." I glared at him and said, "So what? I am not gonna give in that fast." After a while of trying to hit him with my sword, I just stop to take a quick rest, which was a bad idea because that was when he jumped on me an pinned to the cold, wet, hard forest floor.
  7. "Get off of me, your so f***ing heavy, you think your so light but your not," I growled. "Aww, thanks, your not so pretty when you think you are." What a D***, I thought. "I want to kill you!"
  8. "Why? Why do you want to kill us so badly?" He asked, pressing the knife a little close to my throat. "Because you killed them!" I spat out. "Whose them?" "The guy I loved, Aiden Sterling and my family!" He loosened the grip on me and let the knife drop to the floor, he got up and stared at me.
  9. He too off the black creepy mask. It revealed something that brought flashbacks of things, which brought several tears to my grey eyes. It could not be that person, the person I thought cared about me and who told me things that seemed to make me feel the way I felt now. How could have this happened. He looked at the ground and muttered my name. I fell on my knees 'cause they felt like jello. I opened my mouth and said, ".....CLIFFHANGER.(:
  10. Okay so in the next story I will describe your character and This person who you were battling :p hehe so yeah:0

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