Basic Terraria Trivia

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This Quiz Will Test Your Basic Skills And See If You Are Good At The Beginning Of The Adventure! If You Are Looking For More Advanced Quiz's Of Terraria, Then Check Out Those By Me! Good Luck! And No Matter Your Score. You Tried Your Hardest Atleast!

Ten Simple Questions That You Will Sure Get If You Played Somewhat Much Of The Game! If You Have A Certain Prospective That One Of My Questions Does Not Make Sense With The Answer, Then Don't Mind It. I Only Killed The First Boss.. O.O

Created by: TallonSky7

  1. What Is The First Primary Thing To Do When Starting A World?
  2. What Do You Need To Craft A Torch?
  3. What NPC Spawns When You Make A World?
  4. What Monster Comes Out At Night?
  5. What Is The Most Efficient Way To Escape A Giant Hole?
  6. What Is The First Ore You Should Be Targeting?
  7. What Do You Need To Craft An Anvil?
  8. Name The Right Word For The First Boss.
  9. What Gear Is Best Needed To Fight The First Boss?
  10. What Depth Does Underground Begin?

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