Barty Crouch Jr. Love Story!

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I guess this is the first Barty Jr. love story! This one is super short but there will be more in the future! I promise! Take the quiz! Don't spend you time

Reading these stupid pharagraphs. Now take the quiz. Take it! Taake it! Rate and comment please and no strong language in the comments and no flames pelase.

Created by: BCJfan

  1. Your name is Cecelia Caline, you are a Slytherin, you are in your fourth year, and you are a deatheater.
  2. You threw your black coat, down on the train's compartment seat as you sat down. "Hey, look at this Cec!", your best friend, Pansy Parkinson, said. You looked over at her holding a newspaper with a picture of a man on the front. "Barty Crouch Jr. just broke out of Azkaban!", Pansy said, amazed. "Really?" you said, interested. You have had a crush on Barty Jr. since you were 3."Yeah! Oooh, he's a deatheater, I wonder if he's coming to Hogwarts!" Pansy said teasingly. "Don't be so stupid Pansy." said your other best friend, Daphne Greengrass. "We all know that there's no way into Hogwarts unless you're invited, and, I think Barty would have a hard time coming to Hogwarts on the train without being spotted." she said. You hid a snort while your other friend, Draco Malfoy, let out a disdainful laugh.
  3. You grinned when you looked at Draco. He smiled back, then went back to staring out the window like he was doing before. The five of you sat there in silence until the train started to slow down. "Looks like we're here." Pansy said. "No kidding doofus. Did you think the train would stop for no reason?" Draco replied. Pansy scowled and wacked Draco on the head. Draco glared at her but fell silent. When the train stopped, you gathered your things and pushed to the door and jumped down. Your friends followed shortly after. They kept up a steady chatter but you were silent, thinking about Barty. Soon, you reached the carriages and sat down. You were silent throughout the whole ride. When you reached the castle, Pansy asked you if you could go to her house for the summer. "Uh, I'm afraid not Pans. You see, my parents have uh, a ton of fun stuff planned. out this summer. Maybe next summer?" you said. Pansy agreed and you two ran into the castle and to the feast. As everyone filed in and sat down, Dumbledore gave his usual speech. Then, he announced that Hogwarts would be holding the Triwizard Tournement, among people whispering in excitement, and the doors to the great hall opened and the students of Beauxbatons Academy made an entrance. Lots of people clapped but you were silent. The same thing happened with Durmstrang, although, you were suprised to see Krum walk in. As everyone sat down, after more announcements, they finally started to eat. As you were about to reach for some steak, however, thunder shook the building and it started to rain. A spell was cast above your head and everyone turned around to see who it was. "Mad-eye Moody?" you asked, surprised. "Yeah, didn't you hear? He's our DADA teacher this semester." Draco replied. But you weren't listening.
  4. You just saw something very odd. Moody's tongue flickered out for a second then retracted back in. Just like Barty's. You stared at him for a few more seconds, then looked away. After the feast, you went up to your dormitries. Your friends were all happy to go to bed, but you lay awake wondering about Moody...
  5. I know super short and there will be more next time. I promise.

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