Banunkie, Conquer or Bacon Juice

In this test you will find out what industry you would fit best in weather it is industry and money or sun light and farming you can find out in this test (these jobs dont exist)

A lot of people choose a job without considering what the main factors there are to get the true job you love and this test will take you trough them.

Created by: Jack Moorhouse
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favourite Food?
  2. Wages?
  3. Lunch break?
  4. Working hours?
  5. Health and Safety?
  6. Societies contribution?
  7. Others?
  8. Trust?
  9. Challenges?
  10. Family value?
  11. My Beliefs?
  12. Satisfaction?
  13. The manager?
  14. Future plans?
  15. How stable is this company?
  16. History?
  17. Areas of work?
  18. Promotions?
  19. Your choice

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