Bad pick-up lines

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For the past two days the theme has been pick-up lines (well for me it has. I've been creeping and running off almost everyone in the house by saying these

These are just a fraction of the things I have been saying for the past two days. These are also some of the worst ones as well. Which is pretty much why I chose these ten

Created by: mcqueen

  1. My name is vitamin. Because I'm good for you
  2. I must be a phone, because you can dial me for love
  3. *wait until their parent walks into the room* Now that I met your (insert parent here) are we going on a date
  4. You must be ice cream, because you're giving me chills
  5. Hey baby do you want to be the pepper to my assault
  6. *hold up a blank piece of paper* Do you see this *wait until they say no* this is where your number goes
  7. Do you like cheesy pick-up lines or should I just smile
  8. your my black stallion and I like to ride
  9. Girl my love for you is like those earrings, large
  10. Baby my love for you is like these pick-up lines, never ending

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