AVMA 150th Anniversary Trivia #2

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The American Veterinary Medical Association is celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2013. A lot has changed since 1863--for the AVMA and for veterinary medicine.

We've been posting bits of trivia over the past two weeks on our social media accounts. Have you been paying attention? Take the following quiz to see how much you know about the history of the AVMA and veterinary profession.

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  1. In 1879, the first public veterinary school in the United States was established at which university?
  2. According to the U.S. Census, how many veterinary surgeons were in the United States in 1870?
  3. The Shalihotra Samhita, published around 2300 BCE in India, provided information on anatomy, physiology, surgery and disease for horses and what other animal?
  4. How many USVMA/AVMA presidents were MDs as well as veterinarians?
  5. The first recorded instance of the association lobbying the government occurred in 1868, when the USVMA passed a resolution ...
  6. According to the Code of Hammurabi, "If a veterinary surgeon perform a serious operation on an ass or an ox, and cure it, the owner shall pay the surgeon":
  7. Carlo Ruini's "Anatomia del Cavallo," published in 1598, is considered the first comprehensive work on the anatomy of which animal?
  8. In 1884, the School of Veterinary Medicine at which university was founded with the encouragement and support of the university's (human) medical college?
  9. In what year did Congress pass the Federal Meat Inspection Act, to prevent adulterated or misbranded meat and meat products from being sold as food and to ensure that animals were processed under sanitary conditions?
  10. Which novel (published in the same year that the Federal Meat Inspection Act was passed) helped sway public opinion on the importance of food safety and inspection regulations?

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