Arrr You a Pirate?

Arr, matey! This be the quiz to test your pirateyness! Come on ye scurvey dogs! Come take me quiz ye li'le windbags! Now seldom do ye find a true pirate, and much more often do you find and unpirate. I'm here to show ye wich group ye fit in!

Are YOU a pirate? Do you have the greed, the sealove, the taste for rum, that it takes? Before this you could only dream of knowing, but now? Now you can find out! With this all new quiz to test out your pirateness!

Created by: Lilly

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you see a treasure chest, what do you want to do?
  2. When you see the sea, do you want to climb on board a ship and sail?
  3. If I say, "Arr, matey, join me crew" What do you say?
  4. When given the choice, which would you choose? Rum Water Milk
  5. How do you walk?
  6. If you have seen 'Pirates of the Carribean' Do you like Jack Sparrow?
  7. Yo ho, yo ho, a _______ life for me
  8. When given a treasure chest you:
  9. Arr, the quiz be almost done! Now tell me, can you be trusted?
  10. Aye, mate. Climb aboard me fancy vessel and get to work!
  11. Arr! We be done! I'll just be askin' ye one more thing: Did ye like th' quiz?

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