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AreYouKrewMaster? Is a quiz where you guess my questions all about the Krew Including their Irl life. Are you Smart enough? Can you answer all of them? Let's see...

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Created by: KrewMaster

  1. Who won Walmart Tycoon In Roblox?
  2. Who Is Funneh's enemy? (2020,2021)
  3. How many pets does the Krew have? (November 2020, December 2020.)
  4. Who Is Funneh?
  5. Lunar Is an A_____.
  6. Sort the Krew from oldest to youngest.
  7. Fill In the missing word. (Questions 7-9)The Iconic meme, 40 Dollars for Life, was made by ______.
  8. Fill In the missing word. (Questions 7-9)_____ hates bugs.
  9. Fill In the missing word. (Questions 7-9)_____ is the crazy party pooper, to make the viewers entertained.
  10. What happened In the ITFUNNEH trailer after Lunar looked at the red balloon?
  11. Itsfunneh started her channel on?
  12. Who Is the perfectionist?
  13. Lastly, how many Krew Reacts has the Krew done? (Early 2020, and Early 2021.)

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