are your legs fine,sexy,or old granny

Okay get ready to take my quiz yuh will love it!!!okay i have nothing to say so im just gonna put letters ahahahhaha lol okay um bkfgakjbvaksbvkasjvbvbv,ja

nnd even more letters fgsdkjvhdsvhdfv dvndbvbdbv dbvhsdn hdb jdbvhj djhb dm hdvhgsvjsvhjaklbv jvakjbvma djabv ab hb jbadh nhjdbhj bdmvbkn vdnbvhjbkhfbvk

Created by: elizabeth

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how manny times a year do you shave?
  2. are you shy to wear shorts,skirts,dresses ect.?
  3. are your legs white,brown,or black?
  4. are your legs fat,skinny,normal,or avrege?
  5. okay this is an aquard question...wen you fart dus it sound louder because of your thhunder thies?
  6. whats your body tipe?
  7. wats yur stile??
  8. are you in a realasion ship?
  9. well idk how dis realates with my quiz but have yuh makked yet?and are yuh a gudd makker??
  10. okay the finnal question!!did yuh injoy takeing my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am Ir legs fine,sexy,or old granny