Are you young or old?

There are many old and many young.Young from around 50 and under and old from 50 and up.Everyone starts off young and eventually gets old and then dies because if everyone lived then the world would be covered in people.People are dying and being born every second!

Are YOU young or old.You probably know yourself but thanks to this quiz it will calculate if you act or if you are young or old.In just a few minutes you will find out!😆

Created by: Josh

  1. What does your friends describe you as Grumpy Angry Helpful Other Nothing Kind
  2. What's your favourite sport Soccer Basketball Rugby Other I don't do sports
  3. What's your favourite way to relax Beach Tv Listen to music Sleep Eat Movies
  4. What is your fear😰😰😰 Dogs Monsters Water Loud noises Other I'm a man I have no fears
  5. Are you enjoying this quiz so far Hate it Love it Nope Yeses!!!!!!
  6. Are you still in school Yes No Still in primary Secondary College
  7. Do/did you like school HELL NO ITS HELL Errr it's alright Love it What kind of question is this
  8. Do you have a girlfriend yet Married Yes No Not yet
  9. Have you gotten your first kiss😘 Not yet Yess Nope Yes duhhhh
  10. Do you think we can actually guess if your old or young?

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Quiz topic: Am I young or old?