When will you die

There is many people that wonder many things like for an example: how will I die? So this is a quiz that will help you find that all out : when will I die. Any one can try it. The very young , young , middle aged and the humans that have been on this planet more than others

Are you a genius? I you think so do you know when you'll die ? This WILL tell you around the time you'll die. Enjoy the quiz. This quiz is for young and elder people.

Created by: Naomi8756

  1. What is your favorite power out of the ones below ?
  2. Have you ever seen a ghost ?
  3. Do you like swimming
  4. How many hours of sleep do you get
  5. Do you day dream a lot of the time
  6. Are you bored a lot
  7. Do you have a sweet tooth
  8. Do you stay in watching tv a lot
  9. If you got 4 million pounds what would you do
  10. If you got 4 million pounds what would you do
  11. Do you and your friends trust each other greatly
  12. Would you save someone's life
  13. Do you have a lot of clutter in your house
  14. If someone you don't know came up to you would you
  15. Do you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: When will I die