Are You Weird Or Normal?

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There are many people in the world, but some are weird, bizarre, and just considered odd. There are definitely more normal people in the world than weird, but what are you?

A weird person is someone who is rather different. Weird can also be considered as crazy. Weird people do strange things, that normal people don't do. Take this quiz to find out if you are weird or normal.

Created by: marissajsparkle

  1. How often do people tell you that you are crazy?
  2. Are you diagnosed with any of the following disorders?
  3. How many friends do you have?
  4. Do you ever laugh out loud in a room full of people, while everyone else is quiet?
  5. Do you ever talk to yourself in public?
  6. If you were shopping at a store and you saw your favorite shirt on sale, how would you react?
  7. Have you believe in magic?
  8. Do you do random things in front of other people?
  9. Do you ever stalk people?
  10. Do you ever make up lies about people?
  11. Does anyone ever make fun of you?
  12. Out of all your friends, you're the one who:______________.
  13. Do you think that you are at all bizarre?

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Quiz topic: Am I Weird Or Normal?