are you weird and short

ok soo there are many types of "weird" peeps but uhm yep its not ok to fantasize avout toes or bonk people on the head....or kidknapp them.. kidknappers go to jail.

ARE YOU WEIRD OR SHORT?? if you take this quiz i guaruntee that by the end you will either be laughing... sighing...drooling or tired:and if you get tired thats just weird because this quiz is far to intense!

Created by: tina
  1. do you have a curtain fetish?
  2. do you have toe fetish?
  3. what did you have for breakfast the last time you thought you looked sexy?
  4. who are you taking to prom/or have taken to prom?
  5. if you were a superhero what color underwear would you wear?
  6. does this tie make my neck look fat?
  7. are you tall?
  8. what is ya fav food?
  9. do you like ping pong?
  10. uhhm im getting tired.. bro what is ya dream guy/girl?

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Quiz topic: Am I weird and short