Are you very very intelligent?

"Thank you so much for taking the genius quiz. If you scored high, congratulations, yours is major league brain. If you scored not so well, hey you can't win them all!

Thank you for taking my quiz i hope you had fun and liked it I made it quite hard on purpose so do not start crying if you got a bad score anyway good luck!

Created by: Robert

  1. What is 3 divided by square root(5)
  2. What was/is your favorite subject?
  3. Do you like school?
  4. Do you consider yourself a nerd?
  5. If the question above was yes what kind of nerd are you?
  6. In what part of your body is your Eustachian tube?
  7. What do you do when you come back from school?
  8. Do you consider yourself intelligent?
  9. Do you like eating?
  10. Who was the first American president?
  11. what is the capital of Alaska?
  12. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I very very intelligent?