Are you up to my ultra high standards?

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Hw people’s! Are you up to my standards? Probably not! But hey, do this quiz anyways because you can and why not? Btw I know your secrets (Like your in love with your hot tour guide!)

This quiz does not specify genders, but I recommend girls to do this as I think..l idk just do the bloody quiz! Okok love love love making quizzes! Although is short!

Created by: ImNotHwrw
  1. What is your favourite planet?
  2. What is your favourite fruit?
  3. I see your hair is messy?
  4. What outfit do you wear when going out?
  5. What are your grades like?
  6. Choose a YeEtUS
  7. What Harry Potter house where you sorted into?
  8. What is your favourite .io game?
  9. What is your favourite colour?
  10. How old are you?
  11. Bye!
  12. Haha! BONUS QUESTION! Are you spoiled?

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Quiz topic: Am I up to my ultra high standards?

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