Are you ugly, average, cute or utterly gorgeous?

There are many ugly people in the world today. There are also many pretties. They all think what they see is right, but is it?? Is is really.......................? *******************************

Are YOU ugly?? Are YOU pretty?? All will be revealed in this amazing (and true) quiz. All YOU have to do is fill in the correct answers, then the test will do the rest....good luck.........

Created by: Eliza:)

  1. What colour is your hair?? (natural colour, please)
  2. What's your eyes colour??
  3. What colour is your skin?
  4. What's your face like?
  5. How often do you excercise?
  6. Have you ever got positive comments on your looks??
  7. Are your friends trustworthy?
  8. What's your favourite sport?
  9. Do you like you're pretty??
  10. Quick! Pick one!

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Quiz topic: Am I ugly, average, cute or utterly gorgeous?