Are You Truely a Chicken?

Just what is a chicken? A chicken is 1 of the mosr stupidest animals on earth. They can't fly or barely jump which is just very sad. If you feel bad 4 chickens leave coment or rating thx.

So are you a chicken? Its very hard ti belive but leave a coment on this or a rating if and of out there are I would love to know but if you arn`t just give a rating. Thx.

  1. What do chickens lay?
  2. Do you have feathers?
  3. Do you have a beak?
  4. Are you tempted to eat chicken food?
  5. Can you jump?
  6. Are your arms wing shaped?
  7. Do you have 3 toes in the front and 1 in the back?
  8. Are your feet pitch forks?
  9. Do you have teeth?
  10. Do you have a nose?

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Quiz topic: Am I Truely a Chicken?