Chicken wing chicken wing hot dog and bologna

So its just a little bit random but lets see which of these foods you are good luck good quizing and may the force be with you you bomb flinging rice face

Oh snap its fur man and the gut slingers oh wait its just Hollie Jk Its really a duck who thinks he is all that Goood luck with my quiz-=-=0=-0=-==-0=-0=-=-0=

Created by: Chelsea
  1. Favorite Color this effects alot!
  2. I like to move it mvoe it
  3. So one day a man named glockenspeil was walking through the forest and_________
  4. muffin time!
  5. Tuttie fruity oh rudy!
  6. PICK one !
  7. Janeys got a_____
  8. Favorite thing to do
  9. PIck one =) +)(clopse)
  10. Last one hurry really fast AHHH the cyclopses are coming

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