are you true to star clan

Are you true to star clan i made this from the marvellous novels by erin hunter i love them i hope you do too with this quiz i can find out if your gong to star clan of the dark forest

are YOU true to star clan or are you going to the dark forest find out it just takes a few mite but get thinking because you may have to consult star clan on this one

Created by: Chloe
  1. what is the first rules of the warrior code
  2. prey is killed for
  3. how old must a kit be to become an apprentice
  4. how many lives does star clan appoint you
  5. how long is a kit step
  6. who is bluestar
  7. what is star clan
  8. what does thunderclan mean
  9. how many people is erin hunter
  10. Do you believe in star clan

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Quiz topic: Am I true to star clan