Are You True Best friends?

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So, you think you guys are true best friends, huh? Are you just good friends? Or are you guys siblings? Lets take this quick 11 question quiz to find out!

Are they a really a true friend? Or are they just a fake best friend? Only good judgement and discernment will tell. Or, you could just take this quiz :)

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  1. How often do you make fun of your bestie?
  2. What happens if you accidentally match your outfit?
  3. Do you guys instantly connect once you see eachother
  4. Do you normally run out of things to say when talking to your bestie?
  5. How familiar are you with their family?
  6. What would your bestie say if you came over announced?
  7. Do you ever gossip about them?
  8. Ever get jealous of them?
  9. Do they act weird with you around other friends?
  10. Last but not least, how would you describe your friendship?
  11. This is actually the last one, promise! If you called your best friend in the middle of the night (Let's say you've been in an accident) Would they help you?

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Quiz topic: Am I True Best friends?