Are You a True Loner?

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As a Loner myself it really takes a lot to do absolutely nothing and give zero fjorks while doing so. I didn't realize I was a considered a 'Loner' until one night I couldn't sleep which is basically every night, anyways I was contemplating everything in existence and I remembered this awkward social interaction I had and suddenly a revelation! I had successfully accessed my inner me; I make everything awkward because I hate almost everyone and to ensure that people leave me the fjork alone I make everything really uncomfortable than what it needs to be.

So, the whole kit and caboodle, essence of this test if you will, is so that way you don't have to access your (pretty much) pointless emotions to realize "Oh fjork idgaf."

Created by: nihilistic pizza
  1. On a scale of 1-10 how would you describe how much sleep you get? 1 being close to 0 and 10 being you get a healthy amount of sleep and enough energy to feel good.
  2. How much coffee do you need to feel less like you're dying?
  3. Do you wake up like a zombie? And I mean do you wake up like this EVERYDAY?
  4. What do you relate to the most?
  5. Do you agree with this statement: "I wouldn't hate everybody, if people actually gave me a real and not superficial reason to like them"
  6. Is talking a waste of time?
  7. People just need to get over themselves.
  8. I have hope in humanity:
  9. If you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself.
  10. In your personal like (home, family, yourself etc) privacy is a MUST.
  11. If you go to a party and you see people you know there do you talk to them or introduce yourself to new people?
  12. How do you feel when you lose friend that you just met?
  13. I like being by myself because:
  14. When people get to close I:
  15. Do you feel like people don't get you?
  16. My face looks:
  17. Where do you sit at lunch?
  18. I endure and heal my own wounds, I trust my own judgement, I grow stronger when left to my own devices? Are absolutely sure without any doubt that is you?
  19. I am very capable on my own, therefore the need for others is not always necessary. Do you agree that you feel that as well.
  20. There logic in everything, I turn that first before my own emotions:
  21. It's not okay to be a fjork wad, but it is okay to use people to accomplish a goal sometimes.
  22. I very rarely get the feeling of loneliness, even when I'm by myself because I choose to/or just happen to be.
  23. Its a bad day and nothing is going as planned what do you do:
  24. A pen/pencil falls to far for your feet or hands what do you do?
  25. Is lying okay?
  26. You're playing a sport, the ball is thrown in your direction what do you do?
  27. There's a wallet on the floor what do you do?
  28. You say no even if someones putting you on the spot, obligating you or something else to make you say yes.
  29. You don't take your losses personally and believe that its okay and good to lose.
  30. Does everyone ask if you're 'depressed' even if you're really not?
  31. Do you feel like you stop caring because other people stopped thinking about how they should act and say things, because people don't actually care enough themselves and put up a facade sometimes?
  32. People are stupid.
  33. You hate being controlled of.
  34. You feel trapped and obligated when in a personal relationship with someone else (gf/bf etc), you don't like that.
  35. Someone you don't really know wants to talk to you, a person who you work with in (whatever), but you don't really feel like talking. What do you do?
  36. Breaking the rules is okay to you.
  37. I do my best work when.
  38. You love your cat more than people.
  39. My humor tends to be dry, sarcastic or morbid and I don't care what people think of it or me in my humor.
  40. Most of the time what people think or have to say is not important to me.
  41. You feel emotions are kind of useless or a factor that causes most problems, so you'd might wish or feel you could get rid of them sometimes.

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