Are you too emo?

This quiz is to help you and find out how emo you are. I hope you know you're absolutely perfect and amazing in your own way and everybody loves you no matter what.

If you're taking this quiz, you must be depressed. Think on the up side. Life isn't perfect, it has ups and downs, but enjoy it, and don't throw it away, no matter what!

Created by: Lindsay

  1. Do you cut your wrists?
  2. How depressed are you?
  3. Do you ever think about commiting suicide?
  4. What would YOU desribe yourself as?
  5. What are you strugling with?
  6. Is there anything that makes you cheer up?
  7. Tell me about your personality.
  8. What gets you through the day?
  9. What don't you like about yourself?
  10. Will you take the results into thought and do what I say?

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Quiz topic: Am I too emo?