How much do you know about Ariana Grande?

Okay so like u think u know Ariana Grande? Well think again! This quiz will show you if you really are an awesome Arianator, or just a failed fan.....

Try hard, my loves! This is a matter of life or death :). Ariana is an amazing, lovely, beautiful person and the higher the score you get, the more loyal you are to Ari and the more she's proud of you and loves you!

Created by: Maya
  1. What is Ariana's middle name?
  2. Which of these is she NOT allergic to?
  3. Which of these colours is not among her list of fave colours?
  4. Which of these people is she not inspired by/looks up to?
  5. What's her fave ice cream flavour?
  6. Which fruit is her ultimate fave fruit?
  7. What's her favourite subject?
  8. What does she want her fans to be called?
  9. Which of these doggy names doesn't belong to any of her 7 DOGS??!!
  10. Which of these facts is NOT true?
  11. FINAL QUESTION!!!!! What's her fave emoji???????

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Ariana Grande?