Are you the poop emoji?

Are you the poop emoji? It's pretty much the coolest thing on planet. You can't get much funnier than the poop emoji. You are the best. Thanks for taking this quiz.

Are you an emoji with poop on it? Maybe you are. Please take this quiz to see if you are the poop emoji. Thanks for taking this quiz. You are the best.

Created by: Hawk

  1. How annoying are you?
  2. What tone of voice do people normally talk to you with?
  3. Do people leave when you show up?
  4. How interesting are you?
  5. Which is your favorite?
  6. Do you whine and complain?
  7. Do you say f'in right doggy?
  8. What country did Emojis originate in?
  9. Do you stare at people?
  10. Sometimes it's a badge of honor to be the poop emoji. Atleast you are relevant. The quiz maker has never used the poop emoji. A news station brought it up like it was the coolest thing ever. Why not make a quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I the poop emoji?