Which Holiday are you

There re people who celebrate and who do celebrate holidays. I did a few brain breaks Your mind is smart enough to do brain breaks so don't worry Here's emoji 🎊🎉

Which holiday do you represent? Do you have brain power to do brain break. Do you like celebrating holidays. Thanks for taking my quiz this is my 3 quiz I made Here's emoji 💄

Created by: Kiara💁

  1. Brain Break 90 divided by 6
  2. Do you like to dress up
  3. Do you like to celebrate just for you
  4. Do you like the month July
  5. How old are you
  6. Are you jolly
  7. Brain break 1+1=
  8. What do you do on Valentines day
  9. What do you do on St. Patrick's day
  10. What do you do on April Fools day
  11. What do you do on New Years
  12. What do you do on Easter
  13. Brain break Why didn't the lady finish crossing the street
  14. What do you do on your birthday
  15. What do you do on Thanksgiving
  16. What do you do on Christmas

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Quiz topic: Which Holiday am I