Are you Taylor Launter's 1# fan??

There are many levels of a celebrity's fans. But what is a fan?? Is it someone who looks up to someone higher than them (a celeb) or is it someone who likes their acting or singing?? Find out now!

Are you Taylor Lautner's 1# fan?? Do you know his middle name or his favourite food?? You might not have ever found out, but thanks to this quiz you can! Test you're TL skills now!!

Created by: Madd

  1. What is TL's favourite colour??
  2. What is TL's favourite number??
  3. What is TL's middle name??
  4. What is the name of TL's 2011 action movie
  5. What is the correct spelling for TL's last name?
  6. What is TL's favourite animal??
  7. What is TL's favourite food??
  8. What is TL's character name in his 2011 action movie??
  9. What is TL's character name in the Twilight Saga??
  10. Who plays alongside TL in his 2011 movie??

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Quiz topic: Am I Taylor Launter's 1# fan??